Our Services


We’re experts in constructions and supply of materials required in road, housing and general construction needs. Materials like; stones, cement, sand, timbers, iron sheets, plastic sheeting, iron bars, ceramic tiles, ceiling plywood, paint, plumbing materials and many more. with our experienced dedicated team, the quality and standard of our projects in civil and structural works is next to non in the region. We are directly involved in Domestic and Commercial Housing construction, Excavation and waterlines Construction, Tarmac and Feeder Roads construction and grading, stone pitching, Planning and Foundation Designing.

Real Estate

Our expertise has leading expertise in Real Estate Management services, Apartments, gated community, shopping Malls/Arcades, Land Development, Facility Management, Property for Sale and so much more.

Solar Supply & Installation

Quality solar supply and installation. Connect Africa is well positioned to meet the challenges of the rapidly growing demand in region. With a strong engineering capacity, global scope and unmatched responsiveness, we procure, supply and install high quality solar panels for domestic, industrial and agricultural use. Connect Africa has been a leader in genuine solar products supply and installation in East Africa with trail of high quality products from only the best and certified manufacturers around Europe, USA and Asia



Providing Affordable agricultural tools, equipments and advisory services to small scale farmers and commercial Farming projects. We supply farmers with agricultural solutions in order to improve productivity and profitability like; affordable agro-equipment and parts like; Grain Silos, spray pumps, tractors, harvesters, small farming tools etc. we provide technical and operational advisory services to ensure farmers operate successfully and remain sustainable within the agricultural environment.

Logistics & Supply

Connect Africa offers Procurement , Warehousing, Production, Transport, Spare parts, Outbound and Disposal Logistics services, customized to the needs of our clients and their whole supply chain. our field of activity begins at the end of the production process with production related services and ends with the delivery to the recipient. All steps between like warehousing, commissioning, production-related services and administration included.

General Trading

We offer multiple general trading business transactions for different industry players including the government, the NGOs, Private Sector and individuals. Our range of general trading is diverse and multifaceted including; Printing and Stationary supply, transportation and warehousing, commodities and beverages, Domestic and industrial product sourcing for Health Sectors, Educational centers etc.

Engineering consultancy

As an Engineering Consultancy firm, we provide expert advice and solutions across various sectors, including infrastructure development, energy, and agriculture. Our team of highly qualified professionals possesses a deep understanding of South Sudan’s unique challenges and opportunities. We work closely with our clients to develop innovative strategies and implement projects that drive growth and create lasting value

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The Jaw Crusher is an impact Crushers that produces very fine aggregate which is required for asphalt and concretes production. The jaw crusher produces 200 – 300 tones per hour. Produces aggregate for bridge work, housing, road/asphalt, stone dust for brick laying and produce customer tailored made aggregate.